How To Find Every Golden Seed In Elden Ring

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In Elden Ring, you have a limited number of Flasks that restore HP and FP. Soon, you will realize that Flasks of Crimson Tears restore health, and Flasks of Cerulean Tears restore their magic power, As you level up, your stats will increase, and you will need to increase the number of flasks you carry with you.

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Luckily for you, throughout your journey, you can find 30 Golden Seeds that will give you more. You won't want to run around in circles in the perilous Lands Between map, so here is a list of all the Golden Seeds and where to find them.

What Are Golden Seeds Used For

You can increase the number of flasks you own with Golden Seeds. When Elden Ring begins, players get two flasks, and these flasks are only replenished when characters rest at Grace Sites, or by other means, such as defeating groups of enemies. Given how difficult the game can be, especially when facing bosses, you will want to have as many flasks as possible, which means collecting Golden Seeds.

All 30 Golden Seed Locations

Finding Golden Seeds throughout the open world of Elden Ring is not too difficult, as long as you know where to look. One thing that is important to know is that Golden Seeds are always found underneath the golden saplings. These small trees stand out in the environment as they radiate a golden light, which means that if you explore each area of the game thoroughly, you should be able to spot them without much trouble.

Notably, each main region in Elden Ring usually has one or two Golden Seeds available for players to find. There are some exceptions to this rule: some areas have more Golden Seeds and others have none, but in general, you should be on the lookout for one or two Golden Tree Sprouts every time you enter a new region.

Seed 1

In the southern part of Limgrave, go southwest from the Site of Grace of Castle Morne and follow the cliff to your right. In the end, you will reach a place where you will have to take a huge leap.

Seed 2

The second Golden Seed can be found at the southeast end of East Limgrave, right next to the entrance to Fort Haight. There will be Stormveil soldiers or demi-human monsters here depending on whether you have cleared this location before, so be prepared.

Seed 3

The third Elden Ring Golden Seed can be found in the northwestern landmass in the subway region of the Siofra River. You can reach this area via a lift in the Mistveil Forest in Limgrave. Note that Golden Seed usually has some rats and other monsters nearby, so be ready to fight.

Seed 4

This seed is located in the Fringefolk Hero's Cave, and it requires a lot of effort to grab – in fact, you will need two Stonesword Keys to get in. Traverse the poison and traps, and finally defeat the dungeon's monster, the Ulcerated Tree Spirit. As a reward for beating it, you'll receive a Golden Seed.

Seed 5

The fifth ethereal tree is just off the main road as you pass through Stormgate on your way to Stormvale Castle, so you are unlikely to miss it.

Seed 6

As you follow the main path in Stormhill, you will see a hut on your right, where there is a place of grace. This is one of those rare occasions when you can pick up a golden seed that is not from an ethereal tree.

Seed 7 and 8

There's a subterranean chamber deep under Stormveil Castle that's difficult to access – you'll need to unlock the entrance at the Liftside Chamber site of grace to get there. Here, you will not only find a Golden Tree with a seed but also a Minor Ulcerated Tree Spirit that you will need to beat to get the second seed.

Seed 9

Going to the Magic City of Sellia with a low-level character can be very dangerous, but if you avoid collisions with enemies, you can try to take the golden seed. When you first enter the city, simply climb the steps to the left and walk to find an ethereal tree towering above the blood-red sky of Caelid.

Seeds 10

In the capital city, you will find the fourth Golden Seed. You will also find an Ulcer Tree Spirit sprouting directly from the ground, so be careful. You can reach it from the Balcony Avenue Site of Grace: take the stairs to the north and turn around to reach an open area. Here you will have to fight this mini-boss. For defeating him, you are awarded a Golden seed.

Seeds 11

You will find the 11th tree in Caelid. This illusory tree is located on the southern shore of the Swamp of Aeonia, not far from the site of grace, on the road leading to the rune farm located near the Impassable Greatbridge. You can simply run away from fierce dogs and crows if you have a weak hero.

Seed 12

Northeast of Caelid in Greyall's Dragon Mound, you can reach the Farum's Great Bridge, which is protected by a fearsome dragon. However, you don't have to fight, as you can still reach the place of grace located there. Continue further north, and you will reach the Bestial Sanctum where another terrifying boss awaits you. Fortunately, you will encounter the next ethereal tree even before you face this enemy.

Seed 13

Unlock the Catacombs from War after defeating Starscourge Radahn, the region's major monster. Enter the War-Dead Catacombs and vanquish the Putrid Tree Spirit to receive a Golden Seed.

Seed 14

In the middle of the huge Liurnia Lake, before you reach the Raya Lucaria Academy, you can find a ruined city. From the Site of Grace at this location, head northwest to the ruins of the settlement; you will soon see an ethereal tree.

Seed 15

Enter the academy. Then, from the Site of Grace in the Debate Parlor, head out into the courtyard. Keep to the left, but watch out for enemies, including a rather dangerous opponent with spinning blades and wheels that you probably won't be able to survive with a low-level hero. Carry on to the left and there you will find an ethereal tree, surrounded by some enemies. They won't notice you if you move carefully.

Seed 16

Head to the Main Academy Gate of Raya Lucaria Academy. You should now go northeast along the broken route and there will be a Golden Seed in the end.

Seed 17

North of the lake in Liurnia is The Ravine, at the end of which there is a village and a path that leads to the Altus Plateau, bypassing the Grand Lift of Dectus. Before you reach this village, you will come across another ethereal tree, but be careful, as it is also surrounded by a group of giant egg-shaped creatures that spew poisonous gases. We recommend you to quickly run to the seedling, collect the golden seed and escape from the enemies.

Seed 18

If you are following Ranni's quest line, you should soon reach Kariya Manor, located in the northeastern part of Liurnia. When you reach the Site of Grace on the upper level of the estate, you should spot an ethereal tree just in front of the next area. Watch out for several lurking wolves.

Seed 19

In the Altus Plateu, near the Erdtree Gazing Hill located north of the Grand Lift of Dectus, you can reach the Lux Ruins, as well as a Site of Grace, near which grows a young tree that glows brightly.

Seed 20

If you move west of the Altus Plateau, you will reach Mount Gelmir. At its base is the Seawater River, located west of the Wyndham ruins. Avoid the hot geyser traps and you will soon see an ethereal tree nearby.

Seed 21

This Golden Seed is found in the northwest portion of the Mt Gelmir region, just after the boss fight in the large crater nearby. Watch out for giant-handed monsters, as well as nearby multi-armed soldiers who may try to attack you.

Seed 22

When you are near the Site of Grace in the Altus Highway Junction area, instead of taking the main road out of the capital, continue north, and a little further on you will see the next ethereal tree.

Seed 23

Keep going to the northwest side of the outskirts of the capital, find a road leading southwest near the Site of Grace Windmill Village. She will lead you to Little Erdtree in the area. But before you reach her base, you will find an ethereal tree nearby with a golden seed.

Seeds 24 and 25

In the Outer Wall Phantom Tree, you will not only find a Site of Grace, but also an ethereal tree, at the foot of which you can find two golden seeds at a time.

Seed 26

From the Phantom Tree on the outer wall, head north, and you'll come across another ethereal tree, which also contains two golden seeds. Obviously, the closer you get to Erdtree, the more gifts you can get!

Seed 27

Don't leave the capital just yet, there is one more seed for you. West Capital Rampart is located just south of the Site of Grace, just run towards it, grab it and leave.

Seed 28

You can't see much in here, but the path from the Forbidden Lands to the Grand Lift of Rold will be linear, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding the ethereal tree. It's on the road, and you'll find it before you reach the elevator that will take you to the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Seed 29

The ethereal tree is located a bit north of the Site of Grace in the specified area, before the boss, which you can reach by crossing the chains. Shhh! Be stealthy, as there is a troll here that may notice you and throw a huge rock in your direction. The tree is located right at the base of one of the frozen giants.

Seed 30

This ethereal tree is located near the frozen lake, but when you first arrive in this area, you will come from the site of grace side of the ancient ruins of Snow Valley. There will be several golems patrolling this area. Go northeast from the site of grace, and then move to the right, and you will come to the edge of the cliff where the glowing sapling is located.

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