Elden Ring: Leonine Misbegotten Boss Strategy

Leonine Misbegotten is another one of the many challenging optional bosses found in Elden Ring. This ferocious foe is both fast and powerful, making for a pretty daunting encounter. Worse yet, he has an expansive moveset to call upon, which will initially make him feel very hard to predict.Related: Elden Ring: Castle Morne Dungeon GuideHowever, as fearsome as Leonine is, and he is fearsome, he isn't without weaknesses. Thankfully, he isn't particularly robust, which means that this fight can become a series of scrambles where high amounts of damage are exchanged. Luckily we have all the information anyone will need to catch this cat by the tail.

The Leonine Misbegotten Overview

Leonine Misbegotten Overview
Location Near Rampart Gaol (In Castle Morne)
Optional Yes
Summons Yes
Drops Grafted Blade Greatsword
Weak To Fire

From the final Site Of Grace in Castle Morne (referred to as "Beside The Rampart Gaol" on the map), all you need to do is jump off the nearby bridge (don't worry, you won't take any damage) and run directly to the Fog Gate.

Leonine Misbegotten is fast and powerful. That being said, he leaves plenty of opportunities for you to strike. And better yet, he can be stopped in his tracks by heavy attacks. Don't get the wrong idea; Leonine can be a real thorn in your paw, and he can quickly end any encounter with a single attack, but with the proper guidance, you can get the upper hand.

Leonine Misbegotten's Attacks

Leonine Misbegotten has an enormous repertoire of attacks to pull from. Many of these attacks have him lunging at you. These allow him to cover a great deal of distance. He also has some attacks where he winds up, which will disrupt your timing. Thankfully, we have all the information you need to deal with every attack.

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Leonine is a hyper-aggressive foe, so he is going to be running you down throughout the battle. His attacks all do a tremendous amount of damage. However, there are a number of opportunities to deal damage yourself, and the arena provides a number of obstacles to help buy you some time.

Melee Strategy

The first thing you need to know about Leonine is that a heavy attack can disrupt most of his attacks. So, you are often better off going for a jumping heavy attack. Even if he is starting his next attack, it is likely to disrupt it. That being said, a quick slash will be safer with his pouncing attack.

Generally, nearly all of his attacks have enough recovery for you to attack afterward. However, the biggest opportunities are his two-hit lunging swipe attack, his giant two-handed swing, and his plunging attack. These are all really obviously telegraphed, so they are good ones to look out for.

If you are looking for an attack to parry, your best opportunity is when he does a slow horizontal chop. Both of his four-hit attack strings start with this slash.

Beyond that, this battle is going to be focused heavily on stamina management. You will be dodging and slashing without taking much of a break in between, which means that you are going to need to periodically back away so that you can let your stamina recharge. Use the obstacles dotting the arena to get a little assistance. These will also help you get your summon out safely. A good time to summon your spirits is mid-way through the battle. This will allow you to recover some health, and then get some easy shots in while he is distracted.

Ranged Strategy

The fight with Leonine Misbegotten isn't necessarily easy when you use ranged attacks, but it certainly is a lot easier than fighting him with melee weapons. When Leonine comes charging at you from a distance, you will typically be able to pop off a shot (though you need to get a feel for this, as if he is too close you will be getting lunged at).

You will always want to be creating distance, so when he successfully gets close, dodge away from him. At times, if you get a large enough distance, Leonine will slowly stalk you. If you fire at him while he is doing this he will dodge some of your shots, but others he will take on the chin (so if you have the arrows, feel free to let loose). With summoned spirits, this fight will go even smoother, as he will be fighting swarms of wolves or knights while you are shooting him in the back.

Make sure to be aware of your surroundings and use the large pieces of rubble to protect yourself from his attacks. They provide you with the opportunity to heal, reload your crossbow, or do whatever you need to do. Ultimately, a ranged strategy is an effective one when fighting Leonine.

Battle Tips

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