Elden Ring: All Remembrance Weapons

From arcane weapons to colossal swords, Elden Ring grants you the flexibility of wielding as many weapons through a variety of builds. Sometimes, bosses drop Ashes of War or Spirit Ash summons once they're defeated, but what if you desire to wield the weapons of a particular boss? Well, that's where Remembrance Runes come in handy.

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You can even get the bosses' full set by duplicating your Remembrance Runes in a Walking Mausoleum before exchanging them at the Roundtable Hold. From Malenia's sickening katana to a whip made from the Fire Giant's beard, Remembrance weapons are infinitely mighty in their own right, even bordering on being OP.

17 Grafted Dragon

A Fist type weapon, you can choose to wield Godrick the Grafted's fire-breathing dragon's head. Albeit shrunk to fit you, the Grafted Dragon uses the skill 'Bear Witness!' to spew flames from its mouth, before its fiery projectiles scatter all over the ground, dealing massive AoE damage. Although you can use it to punch and pummel enemies, the latter skill is more efficient to use against them.

16 Axe Of Godrick

Another weapon you can attain from Godrick's Remembrance Rune is the Axe of Godrick. This two-handed greataxe is perfect for strength builds who prefer being slow, but dealing massive amounts of damage in one hit. Using the weapon's skill 'I Command Thee, Kneel!' allows you to do what Godrick did: slamming the weapon to the ground thrice, causing the earth to rupture and shake.

15 Carian Regal Scepter

Obtained from Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon's Remembrance Rune, this scepter-like staff is ideal for those playing—or doubling—as a sorcerer.

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Aside from shooting your standard magical projectiles, you can perform the weapon spin like Rennala did during the boss fight, and it only costs 20 FP.

14 Hand Of Malenia

One of the many katanas in the game, the Hand of Malenia is certainly one of the very best. With outstanding range and damage, it's understandable why Malenia was one of the—if not the—hardest optional bosses in the game.

With the skill 'Waterfowl Dance', you can perform Malenia's deadly whirlwind of blades and obliterate groups of enemies.

13 Blasphemous Blade

The blade once wielded by Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, this greatsword is a stunning symbol of power with every swing and thrust it metes out. With the skill 'Taker's Flame', you gather and wreathe your blade in flames before slamming it down and releasing a cavalcade of flames at your enemy.

12 Starscourge Greatsword

Radahn's Starscourge Greatsword could be yours to wield. Clearly for a strength-based build, you need 38 Strength to use this weapon effectively.

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Using its skill 'Starcaller Cry' merely needs 20 FP, bathing your blade in purple lightning and bringing it down to unleash a widespread, electrified surge.

11 Lion Greatbow

A ranged weapon you can also choose to get from Radahn's arsenal is the Lion Greatbow. This is the weapon he used to shoot magical arrows at you the moment you stepped into the ring. Not only can you obtain the bow, but you can also shoot Radahn's Spear, the very same magical arrows mentioned prior.

10 Winged Greathorn

Obtained from the Regal Ancestor Spirit boss in Nokron, Eternal City, the Winged Greathorn is one majestic greataxe. Imbued with the skill 'Soul Stifler', you hold this weapon aloft and release blue spirits that can decrease your enemies' defensive capabilities.

9 Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear

This weapon is definitely one bordering on the OP when it comes to its skill. Not only does it deal an impressive amount of damage, but activating its skill 'Bloodboon Ritual' can do even more damage.

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By lifting the trident-like spear thrice into the air, it'll emit a bloody cloud that reduces enemies' HP, as well as bathing your weapon in blood.

8 Bastard's Stars

The Bastard's Stars is a unique flail weapon you can get from Astel, Naturalborn of the Void's Rune. This beautiful, mystical flail is a hard-hitter, and can unleash a cloud of exploding, purple stars through its skill 'Nebula'.

7 Morgott's Cursed Sword

If you're in awe of Morgott, The Omen King's club-turned-greatsword, then this time, you'll be given the chance to use it for yourself. This lethal, curved greatsword can unleash a flurry of fiery slashes that have a good deal of range and damage through its unique skill 'Cursed-Blood Slice'.

6 Axe Of Godfrey

Clearly scaled for heavy-hitting strength builds, Godfrey's—later Hoarah Loux—colossal axe is yours for the taking after that formidable fight. You can wallop or cleave your foes to death, and maybe try out its special skill 'Regal Roar'.

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Similar to the Earthshaker Ash of War, you emit a war cry, before slamming down with the weapon and causing the ground to tremble at the sound of your mighty roar.

5 Maliketh's Black Blade

Obtained from one beautifully designed, yet difficult, boss, Maliketh's Black Blade is as lethal and dangerous as the boss who wielded it. Aside from your usual heavy swings and slams, you can emit a vortex of black blades to rend the flesh of your enemies in one fell swoop through its skill 'Destined Death'.

4 Giant's Red Braid

This weapon is certainly up there when it comes to the weird and wacky. Carved from one of the many crimson locks of the Fire Giant, this whip is ideal for those who'd rather keep their distance. What's more, you can wreathe the whip-like braid in flames and cause a surge of fire to inflict mayhem everywhere.

3 Dragon King's Cragblade

To get this regal weapon, you have to fight the hardest dragon boss in the game: Dragonlord Placidusax. Merely requiring dexterity and strength, the Dragon King's Cragblade is a just reward after a back-breaking fight.

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You can even turn into a red thundercloud the same way Placidusax did during your battle by using its special skill 'Thundercloud Form', which is great both for evasion and damage-dealing.

2 Sacred Relic Sword

Yet another weapon you can reap from the remains of the Elden Beast, the Sacred Relic Sword is a worthy late-game heavy weapon from the final boss. Its 'Wave of Gold' skill leaves no holds barred, unleashing a literal tsunami of gold that deals immense holy damage to your enemies.

1 Marika's Hammer

Marika's Hammer is loads of fun, but it's unfortunate that you get it from the literal last boss of the entire game. Its built-in skill 'Gold Breaker' causes you to float a few feet from the ground with your weapon reared back, before slamming it in a great, golden burst that can one-shot enemies. Well, you always do save the best for last.

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