Elden Ring: Radahn Cheese Discovered

Starscourge Radahn is too big for many Elden Ring players' britches, capping off the notoriously difficult Caelid with a notoriously difficult boss fight. But there's an easy way to take him down - make him do all the leg-work.

You can lure Radahn to a certain spot which instantly kills him. You don't have to dodge lasers, summon an army of spectral allies, or spam your flasks as you get carved up like a roast turkey.

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As seen in NSAspycam's video, there's a part of the hill you can bait Radahn too. When they try to climb it, their health plummets to zero. The cutscene ensues, you get a Great Rune, and voilĂ , you've saved yourself a headache. If you really want, you can rush to Caelid and do this to get some easy runes. You'll just have an impenetrable bridge and fort to tango with first.

Radahn's not the only boss you can embarrass with a cheesy and glitch-laden strat. You can also take down Mohg, Lord of Blood, without them so much as moving a step. If you use the ruins outside the boss fog, you can parkour your way into the arena and Mohg will not activate. They'll just stand there, AFK, like a kid in CS:GO who's been called down for tea.

Then, you can wail away at Mohg until he's dead. He won't fight back. It counts as a win, netting you all the runes and items. Chances are that if you summon at this boss fog, the phantoms will immediately get to work on pulling off this glitch - it's a great spot for farming runes.

A lot of Dark Souls and Sekiro glitches still work in Elden Ring, but there are some new ones that players are slowly figuring out. It should make the speedrunning scene a bit more interesting, but the time is already at half an hour, so how much more impressive can it really get?

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