Elden Ring: Weeping Peninsula Complete Walkthrough

The Weeping Peninsula is another portion of the beginning area, Limgrave. Before venturing past Limgrave or setting foot inside Caelid, you'll want to explore this part of the map in Elden Ring. To get to the Weeping Peninsula, you have to reach the Agheel Lake South Site of Grace. As the name suggests, this grace is South of the large lake in Limgrave, as seen on the map. It's just off the beaten path.

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From here, you'll have to go South-East and find yourself a great bridge known as the Bridge of Sacrifice. This bridge will have a couple of Noble enemies, including one controlling a deadly catapult. It may be easier to ride in on Torrent and quickly gain access to the catapult enemy, to stop those ranged attacks first. Then you can take on the rest of the enemies.

This walkthrough will detail all points of interest within the Weeping Peninsula, including all the pit stops you should take so that you don't miss out on anything important. At the very end of the walkthrough will be a list of all bosses, dungeons, and loot if you rather skip to find out the location of the goods that matter.

Weeping Peninsula Walkthrough

Once all the enemies are defeated on the Bridge of Sacrifice, you may freely loot and find a Stonesword Key on a corpse. To the very right of the Bridge, end is the next Site of Grace hiding away. This is the Bridge of Sacrifice Grace. As you progress forward you'll find NPC Irina, a blind maiden worried about her father in a nearby castle. Exhaust her dialogue to start her quest.

Past Irina is fallen carriages, ravenous Demi-Human, and one big troll. You can ride past them, but note that there is a Morning Star flail inside the left carriage.

As you continue up the path you'll find a Scarab. Upon defeat, he drops Ash of War: Mighty Shot.

Near the end of this road, there will be a merchant and a Grace to your left and a couple of different ways to go.

Past the broken castle wall will lead to Castle Morne. This is a nicely sized dungeon you should do last.

If you were to go to the right of the wall, you'll loop into the Ailing Village. A Frenzied Flame village is full of rats and poor villagers.

Up the grassy hill to your very right is the rest of the Weeping Peninsula.

First, seek Grace.

Just behind the Grace is a Spirit Spring. Use Torrent to jump up to it and find a mage's tower, Oridys's Rise. Alternatively, you can go up the gradual hill behind the merchant and Grace.

Oridys's Rise

These towers are tricky. You have to complete a puzzle to open them. The reward at the top of this tower is a Memory Stone, so if you're a mage or use Incantations it would be wise to complete this tower before continuing.

Memory Stones give you extra pocket space to equip more sorceries and incantations.

We have a guide detailing how to complete the Oridys's Rise puzzle and where more Memory Stone towers are in the game.

You can head North from the tower to find Beside The Crator-Pocked Glade Site of Grace to your left. There will be some magical enemies conducting a ritual just beyond the Grace. North-East of this event, you'll be able to find a path off the cliff side to reach a dungeon.

Head South-West from the crater, down the hill to return to the Grace with the merchant.

Instead of going to Castle Morne, instead let's head up the hill to the right of the path leading back to the carriages and troll.

There will be a Site of Grace hiding on the small hill to your left, South of the Lookout Tower Grace. Just North of this Grace is the Forest Lookout Tower containing some loot.

From this Grace, you can either head up another small hill which will lead to a wooden bridge, or you can head down the steep hill. Downward leads to some Demi-Human ruins and a mini-boss. This is also how you access the Morne Tunnel cave.

Demi-Human Ruins

There will be stone ruins full of small Demi-Humans and two bigger ones. A Demi-Human Chief and Queen. Upon the defeat of the Queen, you will receive Crystal Burst and Demi-Human Queen's Staff. There is a chest under these ruins which holds the Shield of the Guilty.

Directly South of these ruins, you'll find a bunch of poisonous flowers. Run past them with Torrent to find Morne Tunnel at the very end.

Return to South of the Outlook Tower Grace. By going left, up the small hill, you'll bump into a Demi-Human Assassin blocking a wooden bridge.

Past the bridge, you'll bump into a couple of Erdtree Guardians that awake. In the distance will be the Church of Pilgrimage. Head there.

Minor Erdtree

This church will have a Sacred Tear. Just across from the church you can see a Minor Erdtree. There will be a boss fight there with an Erdtree Avatar for some crystals for your Wondrous Flask of Physick. You can head right and down the hill from the church to reach the next area.

Walking Mausoleum

You will see a large house walking on stone legs. This is one of many Walking Mausoleums, used for duplicating Remembrances from shardbearer bosses. They will not attack you, but you can die if you're under its feet while it walks.

In this area, you will find Tombsward Ruins, an Evergaol, and the Fourth Church of Marika. The church will contain another Sacred Tear.

Witchbane Ruins

West of the Fourth Church of Marika is some ruins where a Graven Witch ball will spawn and rain down magic onto you if you get too close. Just behind this ball will be stairs leading lower into the ruins where you'll find the second version of NPC Sorceress Sellen.

Jumping on her will kill her and break the questline.

Speak to Sorceress Sellen back in Limgrave to start her quest. South-West of these ruins will be a merchant and a Site of Grace near the beachside. An important thing this merchant sells is a lantern. This is a must-buy before you move forward, as you'll get into a lot of tricky situations in dungeons where you won't be able to see a thing.

You've now seen almost everything in the Weeping Peninsula. You can return to the Castle Morne Rampart Grace to continue.

Ailing Village

From Castle Morne Rampart Grace, head toward the ruins to the right of the broken castle walls. Continuing up the hill will lead you to a grim village. There isn't much in the actual village, but just South of it is the Callu Baptismal Church. In this church, you will find a Sacred Tear, Rune Arc, and the Flame of Frenzy incantation all guarded by a Colossal Rat.

Castle Morne

Now all of the Weeping Peninsula is explored. All that is left is the Castle Morne dungeon. As soon as you pass the broken castle walls in front of the Castle Morne Rampart Grace, you'll find the Map Fragment and start getting attacked from a far. There will be a giant golem at the castle gates aiming and taking fire with a ginormous bow. With Torrent, this should be easy to dodge.

To the left of the castle, there will be a small poisonous swamp and a beachside. The beachside will have red jellyfish guarding Somber Smithing Stone (2).

We have a guide detailing how to explore and complete Castle Morne, as well as how to defeat the end boss, Leonine Misbegotten.

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NPCs In Weeping Peninsula

NPC Location
Irina Just past the Bridge of Sacrifice.
Edgar Atop a rampart inside Castle Morne.
Sorceress Sellen Under Witchbane Ruins.
Witch Hunter Jerren Under Witchbane Ruins, granted parts of Sorceress Sellen's quest have been done already.

All Dungeons

Dungeon Location
Impaler's Catacombs North-East of Beside The Crater-Pocked Glade Grace, down the mountain.
Earthbore Cave North-East of Demi-Human Ruins. To the East of the ruins is a Spectral Candalabra that will show you where to go.
Morne Tunnel South of Demi-Human Ruins, past poisonous flowers.
Tombsward Catacombs Under the cliffside and ruins, just before the Minor Erdtree.
Tombsward Cave On the East side of the hill that holds the Fourth Church of Marika.

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Field Bosses

Boss Location
Night's Cavalry Patrolling the roads near Castle Morne Rampart at night.
Deathbird Along the West wall of the broken rampart, behind the Map Fragment location. Spawns at night.
Demi-Human Queen Inside Demi-Human Ruins.
Erdtree Avatar At the base of the Minor Erdtree.
Leonine Misbegotten At the very end of Castle Morne.

Notable Loot


Weapons Location
Demi-Human Queen's Staff Dropped upon the defeat of Demi-Human Queen in Demi-Human Ruins.
Hand Ballista Looted from a chest on top of Forest Tower Lookout, a tower North or South of the Lookout Tower Grace, atop a hill.
Morning Star Looted from a broken carriage near the troll on the beginning road.
Nightrider Flail Dropped upon the defeat of Night's Cavalry.
Sacrificial Axe Dropped upon the defeat of Deathbird.
Grafted Blade Greatsword Dropped upon the defeat of Leonine Misbegotten.
Banished Knight's Halberd +8 Looted from Edgar's body.

Sorceries And Incantations

Magic Location
Divine Fortification (Incantation) Dropped from a Scarab atop broken ruins East of the Evergaol.
Lightning Strike (Incantation) Dropped from a Scarab found in a dangerous section South-West of the Ailing Village where you drop down into a lightning storm with bats.
The Flame of Frenzy (Incantation) Looted from Callu Baptismal Church, south of the Ailing Village.
Poison Mist (Incantation) Dropped from a Scarab North of the poisonous swamp near Castle Morne.
Ambush Shard (Sorcery) Looted from a corpse inside Witchbane Ruins.
Crystal Burst (Sorcery) Dropped upon the defeat of Demi-Human Queen in Demi-Human Ruins.


Flask Upgrades Location
Golden Seed North-West of Map Fragment location.
Sacred Tear Looted inside Callu Baptismal Church near Ailing Village.
Sacred Tear Looted inside Church of Pilgrimage
Sacred Tear Looted inside Fourth Church of Marika.

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