Fortnite: How To Tactical Sprint

Chapter Three Season Two has just taken off and Fortnite has gotten some of its biggest changes yet. Epic Games started this Season off by removing the most notorious thing about the game - building. And that's not all. There are tons of new enemies on the map, along with new weapons as well as some that were previously vaulted. On top of that, you'll also find fun new mechanics.

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This guide will talk about the latest addition to the game, tactical sprinting, and we'll go into how it all works, so you can become a pro at it and use it to your advantage in combat.

What Is Tactical Sprinting?

Sprinting was already in Fortnite. At some point, sprinting even became a default setting instead of walking. And now there's a new sprinting mechanic, tactical sprinting. Since building was deactivated, tactical sprinting allows players to jump much farther than before and reach places that they normally would only reach by building floors or ramps. You can even bust open doors.

Running from the storm is actually much easier with tactical sprinting. Tactical sprinting and then sliding and jumping creates a powerful boost that makes you move very fast.

However, running this way uses up some stamina, something that was also added this new Season. You can use tactical sprinting for around five to seven seconds. This time depends on if you jump or not while using it, since jumping requires extra stamina. Then, it takes about the same amount of time to recharge your stamina.

How To Tactical Sprint

Tactical sprinting is actually pretty easy, and it's the same keybind as whatever you had set as your auto-run bin. If it's something that you're going to use more often you might want to reorganize your keybinds.

You can complete the new Season's Bootcamp to understand how to sprint, but it's not necessary since it's extremely easy.

To tactical sprint simply press your Sprint key. If it's unbound since you might have sprint by default on and might not use it, you'll have to bind the key. Just check your keybinds to find out.

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