Morbius Director Is Spoiling The Movie A Week Before Release

Morbius is coming. Originally scheduled for January, the upcoming Marvel superhero film was delayed several months to the dubious date of April 1 thanks to the latest wave of COVID cases. Those cases seem to have subsided (for the moment), so now Sony is hoping you'll all brave the great outdoors to go see a movie about a humble scientist who accidentally turns himself into a vampire. Only he doesn't have a deathly fear of garlic, and you don't need to invite him in for Morbius to enter your home.

And now with less than a week to go before Morbius's arrival, director Daniel Espinosa is spoiling parts of the film in a Twitter Q&A. Espinosa sat down with CinemaBlend to answer Twitter users' questions, but those questions ruin what probably would have been a complete surprise to moviegoers.

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If you want to remain completely unspoiled before seeing Morbius, stop reading here. Otherwise, what lies ahead be secrets.

As fans likely already know, Morbius is actually set not in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe with the likes of Tom Holland's Spider-Man but is actually set in the Sony/Spider-Man Universe with Tom Hardy's Venom. At the end of No Way Home, we briefly see Venom in the MCU before he gets transported back to his own universe after Dr. Strange fixes the multiverse.

Espinosa confirmed that the SCU has its own Spider-Man (although probably not played by Tom Holland) and that we'd likely see that Spider-Man "soon." Additionally, we'll also get to see another MCU Spider-Man villain. Michael Keaton has already confirmed he'll reprise his role as Vulture in Morbius, but fans have been wondering just how Vulture made his way from the MCU to the SCU.

"At the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Spider-Man: No Way Home, and in No Way Home itself, it is clearly established that it is possible for characters to transfer from one Multiverse to another," explained Espinosa. "The events of No Way Home had the effect of transferring Venom and Vulture (and maybe others) back and forth between the MCU and the Venom Universe."

Espinosa also revealed Vulture will be getting a brand-new suit for his SCU debut.

If you’re looking for more spoilers, apparently the Morbius end-credits scene is one of the worst ever for a Marvel movie. I haven’t seen it personally, but early reviews of the scene are not good.

Morbius hits theaters on April 1. No fooling.

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