Scuf Launches Build-Your-Own Controller Program

Scuf Gaming, Corsair’s premium peripherals brand, just launched the PS5’s first third-party controller. The Reflex comes in three different models, starts at a whopping $199, and comes jam-packed with features such as a new paddle control system with four removable and reprogrammable back paddles.

The Reflex we saw at the initial announcement was a dull grey and black affair with very little color to make it stand out. Today, Scuf has announced a new selection of customizability options that do way more than just add a bit of color to its expensive PS5 controller.

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Scuf is adding 32 new faceplate color options with wild designs and hue combinations. Red with yellow and blue splotches, pink with purple swirls, neon blocks with white brush strikes, dots and lines, and more. And each faceplate can be mixed and matched to make your own unique combinations.

There are also new colors available for thumbsticks, touchpads, buttons, triggers, and bumpers, as well as new trigger styles, thumbstick shapes, and more. Here's the full list for your approval:

"Controllers are an extension of the player to maximize their performance and personality. These new SCUF Reflex options let you create and design a Reflex controller that fits your unique style, with a wide range of faceplates, thumbstick variations, trim colors, and more." said Diego Nunez, VP of gaming marketing at Corsair. "The PS5 community deserves a controller that meets their gaming needs and lives up to the standards they’ve come to expect from SCUF products. The Reflex was created to be just that. Now all that’s left to do is make it your own."

Corsair didn't say how much each of these new faceplates will cost, but you can check them out over on Scuf's website to find out.

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