10 Things About Bloodhunt You Only Know If You've Played The Tabletop Game

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt is the newest World of Darkness video game to hit the market. The World of Darkness is a shared universe created by White Wolf Publishing in 1991. It began as a series of tabletop role-playing games, but has gradually branched off beyond the kitchen table and can now be enjoyed on multiple platforms in various mediums as some of the best dark fantasy games.

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Bloodhunt is a free-to-play battle royale where you take on the role of a vampire in the middle of a turf war. Unlike other battle royales like Fortnite or Apex Legends, Bloodhunt is set in a city that has a real-world counterpart: Prague. Bloodhunt also sets out to be different by following a story and constraining itself to the tabletop game world. While it’s not necessary to have all the background information from the tabletop game, it can enhance your experience.

10 The Masquerade Must Be Upheld

First of all, vampires in the World of Darkness adhere to strict rules to keep themselves safe. Number one amongst these rules is “maintain the Masquerade”. What is the Masquerade? Good question. It is in the title of the game, after all. The Masquerade refers to the common goal of keeping the vampire’s existence a secret from mortals. Sure, some vampires care about the Masquerade less than others, but the Camarilla have ways of reinforcing this rule when necessary.

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If the Masquerade is breached, punishment is doled out to the guilty party. Punishment typically means a final death for the vampire that breached the Masquerade. This means no unnecessary killing and no use of vampiric powers in front of mortals.

9 Government Gets Political

Vampires, or Kindred as they refer to themselves, are highly organized creatures. They have to be to maintain the Masquerade. Most major cities across the globe have a political hierarchy to which all kindred report. There are differing political structures depending on the sect one belongs to, but they're all fairly similar for the most part.

At the top is the Prince, who is essentially the mayor. Below the Prince is their Primogen, a council of kindred that advise the Prince and have their own influence across their city. The Sheriff is the law enforcement agent that answers to the Prince directly and is responsible for keeping order and ensuring that all kindred within their domain follow the traditions.

8 Camarilla Is Stuck In Their Ways

There are different sects within kindred society. Some believe in maintaining the Masquerade while others prefer to be rid of them. The Camarilla is strict with their beliefs. They do this in order to ensure their survival and claim to be looking out for the rest of their kind, but their opponents accuse them of being elitist and draconian.

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The Camarilla came about during the dark ages that saw the extermination of a good chunk of vampire society. They don’t allow certain vampires in their little group and have a strong distaste for modern technology. No computers, smartphones, and such.

7 Anarchs: A Movement For Rebellion

Where the Camarilla do what they can to maintain order and follow a strict set of laws, the Anarchs reject the status quo. While they have their own laws and hierarchy, they’re nowhere near as rigid as the Camarilla’s. Most newer vampires are automatically assumed to be part of the Anarch movement and are despised by the elders within the Camarilla.

The Anarch Movement wasn’t always seen as a sect of its own. It used to be viewed as a fringe philosophy, but that all changed when Theo Bell, a high ranking member of the Camarilla, left the sect along with most of clan Brujah.

6 Clans: Strength In Numbers

You’re able to choose from four different clans in Bloodhunt. There's the Ventrue, the clan of kings; Brujah, known for their temper and inability to conform; Nosferatu, masters of obfuscation and information brokers; and the Toreador, admirers of beauty and love in all its forms. In actuality, these four clans are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a total of thirteen clans. Each one comes with its own set of vampiric abilities, distinguishing features, and weaknesses.

Each archetype in Bloodhunt encompasses different aspects of these clans. Nosferatu, with their Prowler and Saboteur archetypes, spotlights the clan's skill with hiding in plain sight and gathering information. Brujah's brute and vandal archetypes showcase the clan's unruliness and raw power.

5 Prague Is Supernaturally Significant

Prague might seem like a completely random setting, but it actually plays some significance in the World of Darkness lore. For starters, it was the setting for the Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption video game where Brujah crusader Christof Romuald protected the city from the forces of darkness after nightfall. Speaking of Brujah, it was the Brujah, Theo Bell, that announced the clan's break from the Camarilla during the Conclave of Prague in 2012.

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The Tremere, a clan of blood sorcerers, keep a chantry in Prague. The city is also home to other supernatural entities. Mages, those capable of bending reality at will, keep a base of operations here. And a group of hunters holds a chapter within the city's limits that’s been in existence since World War II. It's one of the more unique settings in a battle royale, for sure.

4 Second Inquisition Is Coming for You

The Second Inquisition isn’t a singular organization per se. It’s an idea. The boogeyman, really. If there’s anything that keeps vampire society awake during the day, it’s fear that the Second Inquisition (S.I. for short) is going to discover and come for them. It’s a term used by vampires that refers to the many human organizations that hunt the supernatural. Vampires in specific. Vampires would gladly give up other supernatural beings to keep their unlife.

It’s the Second Inquisition that manipulates events in Prague that kicks off Bloodhunt's story. According to the narrative trailer, S.I. orchestrated an attack that got the vampires in Prague to blame each other. This is supposed to make it easy for the humans to march into Prague and wipe out the remaining kindred.

3 Disciplines Keep You In The Game

Vampires are predators in every sense of the word. They prey on mortals as a food source and exploit their own kind regularly to gain an upper-hand. To accomplish most tasks, they are equipped with an arsenal of abilities they call disciplines. These powers range from blending in with shadows to transforming into an animal of their choice.

Some clans have learned to use their blood in rituals that allow them to mimic another clan’s discipline or accomplish something unique altogether. You will utilize many of these disciplines as you jump from rooftop to rooftop to claim dominance over other players.

2 Blood: A Vital Lifeforce

Blood is a vital resource for vampires in most mythologies, but even more so in the World of Darkness. While it is what sustains them and keeps them walking amongst mortals, it does so much more. Kindred use blood to activate their vampiric powers, heal themselves, create a mortal servant, and create new vampires.

Older vampires also get more use out of blood than younger generations. There is an entire generation of vampires that are more like humans because they are so far removed from the original vampire. The blood's potency is diluted.

1 Other Supernaturals In The World Of Darkness

Vampires might be predators, but they're not the top of the food chain in the supernatural community. There are other entities that go bump in the World of Darkness. It’s not common for the supernatural community to interact with one another, but it does happen. And when it does, it can be catastrophic. Werewolves, mages, fallen angels, and even mummies populate this World.

It’s unclear if there are any plans to bring any other creatures into Bloodhunt even as NPCs. It could certainly add some depth to the game. Who wouldn’t want to fight a werewolf? Each of these monsters had their own series of books in the tabletop form, so it wouldn't be hard to find a way for them to fit in.

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