6 Creepiest Creatures In Weird West

Creatures are around every corner in most games, with the protagonists needing to overcome deep-rooted fear to deal with them. In Weird West, these creatures are similar to those found in other RPGs, like the wraith and spirit enemies of Dragon Age or zombies of other tactical games.

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Every episode plays out like a 'monster of the week' segment that fantasy shows typically stick to, with the Across Rivers episode, for example, focusing on the Ravenous enemy type. These guys are here to stay, tending to pop up at the worst moment as they try to rip your throat out. The Weird West is an eerie and often terrifying place to be.

6 Ravenous

People who can't stave off the act of greed (for things like committing wrong-doings and stealing) typically turn into creatures known as Ravenous. The main threat of Across Rivers' segment of Weird West is something known as a Wiindigo, which is the being that can turn people into Ravenous. Knowing that these creatures were once human with the chance of being people you know personally makes it even more heartbreaking when you then have to kill them.

Such as the moment where Across Rivers' cousin betrays him in the final mission of his episode. Ravenous are bloodthirsty creatures who will attack without so much as a second thought. And since they're cursed and no longer those you once knew, there is no alternative to violence.

5 Sirens

Sirens are likely the creature type you'll see the most of in Weird West, as they appear in many areas, unlike Mine Crawlers, who tend only to be spotted in underground places. The slender figure and pale gray skin of Sirens are already frightening, though the tension is amplified when they begin to crawl towards you on all fours quickly. In addition, Sirens have elongated limbs and an extensive row of teeth from their unhinged jaws.

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One variant of the Siren known as a Siren Howler has the ability to daze your character for a couple of seconds, making it difficult to move around and attack. However, it shouldn't be understated just how interesting the Sirens are, as they provide one of the best characters in the game; Sheriff Albright.

4 Wraiths

Wraiths are frustrating enemies to fight against as they can reanimate zombies and teleport across the map. They're also spooky looking with their long flayed black cloaks hanging from their shoulders, the gaping black pit in their chest, and eyeless faces. A soft green and blue glow also emanate around Wraiths.

When Wraiths appear, they seldom show up in droves and instead bring forth zombies to do their bidding, so at least taking them out won't be too taxing. The idea of Wraiths appearing is much more intimidating than taking on one.

3 Zombies

Zombies will always travel in hordes, usually appearing whenever there's a plague outbreak. However, plague outbreaks happen randomly throughout the game, and you're much more likely to see zombies whenever a Wraith is about and not because there's been another outbreak. Defeating zombies isn't the problem, as they have very little health to begin with, but it's the way these creatures clamber towards you and your companions that makes them one of the creepiest enemies in the game.

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Zombies are slow movers, only speeding up when lunging towards you, though they will sometimes advance on you from all four corners. You may even encounter a zombie version of someone you crossed paths with during your travels, subsequently having to take them down.

2 Ridgebacks

Ridgebacks look like a blend of the Clickers and Stalkers of The Last Of Us with an insect twist. The Ridgebacks will fight with this insect part of them which is where the annoying buzzing sound originates, as they send insects to attack you. They're not the most deadly enemies so long as you continue piling attacks upon them and dodging when necessary, though they have nightmare-inducing character designs.

Having a run-in with a Ridgeback in the real world might even be more frightening than a meeting with your typical zombie type. Ridgebacks have large bulging sacks that protrude from their heads and other body parts, with a venomous spit to boot. So riding away when a travel encounter with a buzzing sound appears might be safer.

1 Mine Crawlers

Mine Crawlers can be found where you'd expect from the name, acting as enemies that will consistently throw dynamite in your direction. Dodging and fast movements are the only way to efficiently deal with these creatures as there's not much room for error when getting outside the area of effect of explosives.

Mine Crawlers still hold some physical human qualities, with the most noticeable difference being that they now have a green tint to their skin. They still carry around their pickaxes from their time as miners, a tragic detail for another creature type in Weird West who were destined to a dark fate. However, this doesn't change how intimidating Mine Crawlers are on your first meeting with one.

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